About Us


Havana is a city of senses.

There are colors, lights and exquisite architecture for your eyes, exuberant music for your ears, exotic food and fruits for your taste and so much of arts and culture for you sixth sense in …

Our mission is to help you feed your senses in the vibrant city of Havana.

Besides offering you the experience

of staying in a typical colonial house and in a unique location close to everything you want to see in Havana, we are also willing to give our guests the opportunity to see the real Havana-its unique architecture and history, meet Habaneros, and most importantly discover the rich cultural life of Havana, which usually stays completely hidden for the tourist.

Galleries, cafes, clubs

discos are getting more and more with the changes happening in Cuba right now.
Ulises, who is going to meet you and who speaks English and of course Spanish is our live cultural guide for Havana-ask him for the ongoing cultural and artistic events in the capital and have a look at the events calendar he is going to prepare and hang for you every week in the house.

As our mission is to promote contemporary Cuban art, we will also exhibit selected artworks of Cuban painters, photographers and other artists in Casa Habana Senses. So you will live surrounded by history and Cuban art and if you like something you can buy it too.

We have also prepared for you a map with the best city walking trips that you can make starting from the house. Just follow the lines in different colors and the explanations on our map and you will be able to discover by your self the best parts of Havana. If you prefer, you can always have a guided tour too and you will be told all the secrets of Havana, which only a local Habanero knows.

Besides food for your eyes and ears we want to give you food for your taste too. Not only we will recommend you best restaurants in Havana to try authentic Cuban food. We want to also give you the opportunity to taste the fresh exotic seasonal fruits of Cuba. You know Mango, Avocado, Papaya, Pineapple, Bananas, but you never tried the best of these you can find in the Caribbean. Have you heard of Mamey, Nispero, Chirimoya? Well, if you are in the right season you will have a chance to try them too. Just order our Fruit Basket and next day we will bring to your room the best fruits available on the market.

And last but not least ASK US ANYTHING. We can consult you about anything you want to know, find, or do in Havana. Just write your question on our web site and you will be answered by a local, who can find any answer for you!

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