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6 Nov

Havana Center

The vibrant neighborhood of Havana Center is the part of Havana that you usually see in photos and which can give you the most authentic Cuban experience. Here you can observe the daily life of Cubans and be part of the Havana buzz. The women here hang their laundry on the balcony, the bread delivery guy is salsa singing his promotion and men play Domino on the street at anytime. The low key life you have daydreamed Cuba to be. You wont miss your cell pnone and internet!

The location of the house is within a walking distance to all main landmarks of Havana and is perfect spot from which to discover the city on foot: two blocks from Malecon-the emblematic eight kilometers long coastal aveneu and sea wall where all Habaneros hang out in the evenings, four blocks from Prado-the main walking street dividing Havana Center and Old Havana-which as a Unesco world heritage is totally renovated, preserving its 16th century uniqueness. Here you can enjoy exquisite architecture, lots of museums, art galleries and the beautifull squares of Havana Vieja like Plaza de Armas, Plaza San Francisco de Asis, Plaza de la Catedral and Plaza Vieja

Prado, the beautiful central pedestrian, which was build itself in the 18th century stretches from Malecon to the Capitolio-the equivalent and a replica of the Capitol in Washington. Some of the most beautiful buildings in Vienniese, Parisien and Madrid styles, old hotels and cultural centers are on Prado. Here is the incredible Gran Theatre too.

The house is two blocks from Avenue Italia or Galiano-this street used to be one of the main shopping streets before the Revolution, with the amazing Mall El Encanto where all new products were being presented and sold, sometimes even before selling them in USA and many Yankees’s celebrities were shopping here- Galiano is close to Casa de la Musica known for best live music and salsa.

Good hotels where you can always use internet, swimming pools, or exchange your money-Hotel Deauville, Parque Central and others are really close.

Colon-the street on which the house is situated gives the name of the whole neighborhood-Colon /Columbus/. Before 1959 Colon was famous as the neighborhood of the intellectuals. Colon ends between the Presidential Palace, now turned into the Museum of the Revolution and the National Museum of Fine Arts. The closest corner is with Aguila-the longest street in Havana Center, which starts and ends in the sea.

From our location you can start daily trips, which cover the most important parts of Old Havana and Havana Center.

On the corner of the next street-San Lazaro, you can catch the Almendrones-Cuban old vintage cars from the 50’s serving as shared taxies with established routes, picking up passengers on the street for 10 Cuban pesos /0.50 USD/ to Vedado, or for 1 CUC to Miramar, Playa, Siboney, Marina Hemingway. Coming back they will conveniently leave you just in front of your house.

If you wish to go to one of the beaches on the East part of Havana /20km. from Havana/, you can catch a taxi on Malecon, San Lazaro or your street and it will cost you around 12 CUC /one way/, or you can go to Central Park and catch an air conditioned bus for 5 CUC both directions.

Havana Center, Cuba

Havana Center, Cuba

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